Sunday, 25 January 2009


With Tim Watts and others first thing this morning:

BITTERN (4 separate birds, excellent views of each) - see Tim's superb shots above

Water rail (1 - in front of the hide and then flew into the reeds to the right of the hide.
Common snipe (2 - in front of the hide).

John Hale
Calvert BBOWT; 7:15-11;30. Could only locate 1 BITTERN in roost spots. Flights started and soon established 3 and later with John Hale a 100% 4, with 2 together far left of hide/1 on opp bank/ 1 flew from inside right. Later, with Iain treated to amazing views, 2 together inside left bed had squabble, one emerged,then 2nd did same. At one stage, 1 flew around right corner towards 2nd hide area. Think this is where 4th bird came from earlier, no phragmite reed area round there so possible it was feeding in the shallow juncus lined pool nr 2nd hide or maybe roosting in a tree?
On arrival at 7:15 there was what I would say was the vast majority of the gull roost on water. Most unusual as they use sailing lake, almost certainly been there all night as a thick line of moulted feathers against edge of marginal ice (Tim Watts)

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