Monday, 5 January 2009


Calvert BBOWT; Spent a toe-numbing 4 hrs !! at site hoping the Bittern would emerge from reeds. At 10:45 spotted it jolting reeds and it climbed half way up reeds in middle of right bed. Whilst it was firmly locked in my scope, a visiting Bicester birder located a 2nd Bittern flying across gap below hide, c40mts out, coming from left bed and landed near 1st one. The bird sat in reeds dropped down at 11:45 out of sight but by following jolting reeds it came very close to inside edge, facing hide. Didn't emerge into open but a fair bet one of them will sometime. Left at 12:15, both birds still in there, about 10mts apart,again not seen but reed movement giving their positions. Waterfowl do get in there and move reeds but frozen at moment so any jolting reeds will almost certainly be Bittern.This does show that we haven't just got one old bird returning each year,and habitat good enough to attract other different ones. Also seen, Water Rail on ice/ c200 Chaffinch at Granborough hay store today (Tim Watts)

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