Monday, 5 January 2009

2 JANUARY 2009

Calvert BBOWT; Visited before sunrise, BITTERN in roost spot and preened, stretched and dropped into reeds at 0725./Water Rail squealing/ biggest gull roost of Winter so far, with sailing lake covered and c1,500 also on BBOWT in the darkness.

Hillesden; pools/lakes frozen, site birdless!! 20 Siskin/2 Redpoll in alders.

Drove around various roads/watchpoints looking for Swans/Geese in Padbury/Claydons brook areas but no luck. Seems to be a lack of Mute Swans in mid-Bucks this year. There are still c10 in small domesticated paddock with Chickens etc, roadside, between Calvert and Hillesden.

Grendon Underwood layby; 12-2. c200 mixed finch flock contained a male Brambling/ Large female PEREGRINE perched in dead tree. 2-3: viewed same block from different spot, much smaller, male PEREGRINE hunting. The usual large numbers of Plovers were not present, only c50 Lapwing seen.


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