Monday, 27 April 2009


Calvert BBOWT; 5 p.m

Sat in 2nd hide waiting for approaching storm with one species in mind, having done this loads of times with usually not a lot happening!!

The storm hit, torrential rain and then hail. I was just getting disheartened when a swirling mass of ARCTIC TERNS appeared from nowhere at South end of lake. Some dropped onto water briefly, they then careered around lake, not really feeding. Counted them over and over and kept making flock c 60. When in a line then made it 53 a few times.

They stayed about 10minutes and then flew up high and off in a tight wader like flock. Raced over to sailing lake and 6 of them were on there. These fed for 10 minutes then circled BBOWT lake high up for another 10 minutes. Then there were 11 which flew off N/E in tight flock, think they were looking for the rest of the big flock?

A fantastic sight and the largest flock I've ever seen and one of my best birdwatching experiences ever!! Digi-scoping them out of question so took lots with small compact camera with no zoom lens; don't know if got whole flock but got as many as could fit in!!

Also Common Sandpiper on rafts and 5 Common Tern (Tim Watts)

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