Monday, 27 April 2009


Calvert sailing lake; On 2nd visit today when it rained 5 ARCTIC TERNS dropped in but left when weather cleared. Also during rain 60 Swallow and 9 Common Terns.

Gareth came down for Terns and we spotted what suspected was a GRASSHOPPER WARBLER low down in bush on open area to right. Lost it, but walked along and Gareth heard one reeling close to us on left. We had brilliant views (10mts) 4 times of it climbing up and reeling on tangled brambles. Got some pics but itwas too close!! hard to find with digi set-up.

Mike Hunt arrived and took an hour to see it, although reeling a lot. During this time our original suspected bird also reeling in middle of open area. So 2 at moment, only 2nd I've seen at Calvert.

Lots of common warblers and Mike had a Garden Warbler on reserve (Tim Watts)

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