Sunday, 16 January 2011

BLACK-NECKED GREBE still present

Calvert Area; a Black-headed Gull was present with a mantle so pale grey it appears white at distance/Sailing Lake BLACK-NECKED GREBE moved to sheltered bay in S/W corner.

Gallows bridge farm; Long watch; for first two hours very little seen with only c300Lapwing and c50 Golden Plover in the air at stages. 12 0'clock it brightened up for short period, PEREGRINE appeared and put up c 2,000 Lapwing/c150 GoldenPlover, 2-3,000 gulls, Starling and Fieldfare flocks.

Larger female sat in meadow preening, then although too distant to hear could see it calling up to the sky. Lapwings went up again and the smaller male Peregrine was high above them. It singled one out in chase, got above it stooped and just missed it, climbed again stooped and hit, caught it and carried off and landed in field to North of main meadow. Only small flocks of Teal/Wigeon seen in flight today, don't think the Peregrines went over the hidden wet fields where they are hanging out (Tim Watts)

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