Saturday, 11 December 2010

Three BITTERNS on site and male MERLIN at Gallows Bridge

CALVERT BBOWT LAKE; Tonight 5 of us located a definite 3 BITTERNS in roost spots - 1 in far end reedbed opposite 2nd hide, 2nd in right hand inside bed and a 3rd in left hand inside bed. The 3rd one climbed reeds at late time of 4:20 but gave by far the best views, sitting right on top of reeds. During the week regulars report daylight flight views to various reedbeds over whole lake and croaking calls heard, all big pointers to there being multiple birds on site.

GALLOWS BRIDGE FARM, earlier; male MERLIN on cut hedge then overflew car park, then after finches on adjacent fields, used undulating flight briefly just before tailgating a finch/ 5 Golden Plover in main meadow, 100 mts from hides (Tim Watts)

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