Friday, 11 September 2009

Egret joy

Calvert BBOWT; Got in position for Egret roost count at dawn but thick fog!! Plan B!

Sat waiting in 1st hide and at 6:05 a.m 3 Little Egret in, then 5 more, then 2, then 1 TOTAL 11 birds. Amazing views as all 11 fed/hunted, as a team, the small fish in shallows. They caught lots, quickly and easily, even making fish jump out of water ahead of them! Think Egrets got quite excited as very vocal today! With this food supply/safe (if protected/undisturbed) roost site they are very likely to hang around. Possibly more than 11 as 3 on sailing lake later.

A fantastic sight for anyone but if you do visit, from experience, need to be in that hide before they get there - today watched them 'tll 7:10. Last visit got in hide, egrets already there, they stayed a bit but knew I was there and dispersed. Open flap slowly, quiet, no movements is essential (Tim Watts)

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