Monday, 24 August 2009

RUDDY SHELDUCKS still around

What appears to be an adult female and three first-year RUDDY SHELDUCKS at Calvert Landfill on Sunday 23 August
A very good morning in mid-Bucks
Calvert landfill; (private No access) Undoubted highlight for me was seeing and correctly identifying a GRASSHOPPER WARBLER that flew up from underfoot and had 3 second flight view. Another highlight was the relocation of last week's presumed family group of 4 RUDDY SHELDUCKS on the Landfill - all unringed and very wary. Seen feeding by up-ending. Took a long, uncomfortable, hidden wait but eventually obtained images (see above).
Also on landfill 4 Little Egret/ 1 Common Sand/4 Teal/good selection of warblers in scrub.
Calvert sailing lake; Greenshank /Green Sandpiper on edges.
Hillesden; 1 Little Egret/Green Sandpiper/ got close pix of a large female Sparrowhawk bathing after it made a half hearted attack on the Green Sandpiper!!
Tim Watts

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