Tuesday, 14 July 2009

CALVERT - 10 July

BBOWT Lake; 2 Green Sandpiper/ Cuckoo in flight either a very brownish female or juvenile.

Yesterday 3 Green Sand and 1 Common Sandpiper.

A weird sight was a Great crested Grebe chased into shallow pool (2nd hide) by another with chicks. The one in pool really panicked as other Grebe gaurding entrance and water so shallow it got stuck in silt. It then tried to take off or get further away by attempting to run on surface of water but silt stopped it. Then sat crouched facing other Grebe and after a while it attempted to walk around the drier bank. Grebes are certainly not good at this!! legs set so far back on body best it could do was waddle a few steps then fall over; last seen clambering into Juncus. Just to compound it's problems the Swan family was on the mud mound blocking that exit as well!

Tim Watts

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