Monday, 25 May 2009

PAINTED L:ADY invasion

Highlight of day was the Painted lady visible migration. Saw them in 5 locations, best of all was Calvert landfill late afternoon where I counted 26 bombing past me,h eading North in 1 hr.

Top of Quainton hill,where I've seen Red Admirals migrating in numbers and odd Painted lady would have been excellent!

Hillesden; We could only see 1 Oystercatcher chick but maybe other one hiding/ Lapwings have had,as far as can tell, zero success in raising chicks.Were 7 sitting on eggs on island when the moron with dog I reported stomped all over it, sure they would have crushed some eggs. On plus side 2 Cuckoos and Mike Hunt saw 2 Raven.

Calvert; Reed Buntings feeding fledged young/ 18 Common Terns using rafts.

North Marston; Hobby over village (Tim Watts)

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